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Bieber CL Adelle 587D-2.jpg

Birth Date: 4-29-16

Registration #3537445


This Adelle female is off to a great start with her current MPPA of 104. She is one of the most feminine Spartacus daughters you can find and holds an epd profile that would catch anyone's attention.  Calving ease, growth and carcass quality are all stacked into this female for generations. Notably,  she is also a full sibling to the Lot #1 bull at Bieber's Spring 2020 Sale that sold to Crump Red Angus for $40,000. Look up his video and we think you will agree with us that the progeny she produces will consistently  compete with the best.

Bieber Gallee 551D.jpg

Birth Date: 3-15-16

Registration #3537086

We missed buying this cow's granddam Galee 9513 when she was for sale a number of years ago and have been looking for a daughter ever since.  This HardDrive  daughter really impressed us with her extra length while maintaining such a strong top. Her dam and granddam  have both been among the best  high octane growth donors at Bieber Red Angus and it is worth noting that top growth and conversion rates at the feedlot don't happen without females like 551D to back them up. This growth and her flawless udder and foot structure make her the kind to build with.

Bieber Primrose 123D-2.jpg

Birth Date: 1-18-16

Registration #3536617


The Primrose cowline is well known and highly sought after by  Red Angus breeders across the country. This Spartacus daughter has a commanding phenotype that gets everyone to ask, "Who is that!" As an added bonus 123D's pedigree provides a strong shot of Australian breeding from Iron Ore E27, making her even more unique.  She has an excellent balance of all the maternal, growth and carcass traits and holds a current MPPA of 102.

Bieber Dateline 200D-2.jpg

Birth Date: 2-9-16

Registration #3536953


200D was a natural selection for us as we could not let a Rollin Deep daughter of her caliber slip by.  Both her dam and granddam were donors at Bieber's which undoubtedly contibutes to her MPPA of 106.  She has an ideal type and size that package her impressive individual performance on calving ease and growth.  Those traits are matched with carcass quality at the top of the breed (MARB  ratio 142).  She has all the convenience traits to go along with the numbers and is an excellent mother. We look for her genetic influence to carry our program well into the future. 


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