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Our passion for livestock production has given us the drive to be a part of the beef industry and has become a life's work. Extensive experience gained from managing all aspects of our custom cattle feeding company, Raasch Beef, Inc., and our commercial cow-calf operation led us to our first red angus purchase in 2007 from Bieber Red Angus. Our success in value-based marketing of fed cattle guided our initial bred heifer selection as she was the highest marbling female in the offering, holding a 176 ratio and an actual IMF of 8.7%. But, more importantly, it introduced us to the Bieber Family.


Since that time we made several trips to Bieber Red Angus and studied every offering. We began to see the prominent cow lines in their herd that consistently represented themselves with progeny in the top of their sales. Then in 2010, we formed Trickle Creek Ranch Red Angus and applied a livestock principal that I learned from my Dad as a young 4-Her. That was "If you are impressed with the production, buy the factory."


With that in mind, we placed a high value on the mature cows that had attained exceptional lifetime MPPA production and began purchasing several proven donor cows. Major cows like Adelle 7226, Minerva 9141 and Dateline 10320 which have produced multipule herdsires for leading breeders and bull studs are among the group. To date we have brought home 14 former donor cows from the Bieber herd. These females have provided us with an outstanding base to produce herdsires and top end replacement heifers with which we continue to build our herd. Each generation adds more depth and today in 2016 it is not uncommon to see as many as 4+ donor cows represented in the last 3 generations of the calf crop pedigree.


Trickle Creek Ranch Red Angus continues to look for additional donors to add to the herd as we strive to achieve our goal of producing Red Angus with high quality genetic construction that are designed for more profit. We welcome your evaluation!

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