Birth Date: 2-8-99

Registration #663239

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7226 is the granddam of Bieber herd bulls MAKIN HAY, ROUGH RIDER and OUTRIDER. She is an ideal, moderate framed cow and at 15 years of age she was bred back to calve again naturally in 2015. We have flushed this exceptionally prepotent cow for three matings to Samurai, Hughes and Good One to offer top of the breed growth, total maternal and carcass marbling from high accuracy, proven sires.


Our herd focused on the Good One mating for an enticing blend of the Adelle and Abigrace cow lines for 2015 calves and have been rewarded handsomely with calves that posess a long bodied, level hipped, just right frame. This mating does a phenomenal job of producing performance and style, weaning at over 600 lbs. These proven genetics will compete at all levels and powerful females like TRIC ADELLE 024C will be future highlites in our herd.



Birth Date: 2-22-10

Registration #663239

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This is a young BASIN EXT 8628 sired donor from the Joan cow line. She has earned an impressive MPPA of 107 on her first two calves and provided us the opportunity to get her flushed once before the 2014 breeding season. We choose the Bieber Hard Drive bull owned by Select Sires and Bieber Red Angus to produce these embryos for a great combination.


Birth Date: 2-11-01

Registration #777800

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8238 is a long and level hipped cow with an equally well patterned forequarters. She has produced Bieber Rugby, a herd bull retained and used on the ranch at Bieber's.Her 2010 daughter produced our heaviest weaning weight calf in 2014. The Make Mimi and Conquest matings were designed for balanced epd profiles from two highly used sires.



Birth Date: 3-24-01

Registration #777980

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Daphine is a feminine, moderate framed performance cow that has consistently put progeny in the top of the Bieber production sales. She has a lifetime MPPA of 100 and currently has a knockout Hughes sired heifer calf in our replacement pen. Two matings were harvested from her by Hughes and Oly 554T that will excel for performance in an efficient mature size.



Birth Date: 1-31-03

Registration #899676

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9141 is a thick made, moderately framed, proven herd bull producing donor.  Direct sons Bieber Exception, Gunslinger and Boeing all go to her credit. We have ET calves of each mating and are impressed with the growth and phenotype that they express.


Birth Date: 3-30-05

Registration #1029769

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Appropriately described as wide on wide, Dateline 10320 and Rollin Deep Y118 are brought together in a designed mating that really lets the clutch out on performance potential and moderate, easy keeping cattle.  This unique pedigree combines Connealy Dateline and Future Direction using two elite donors that individually record MPPA's of +110 and have produced multipule herdsires. No other sire is having as profound of an impact on the Bieber breeding program than ROLLIN DEEP Y118.  2015 saw them returning Y118 to the ranch as a natural service sire and utilizing four yearling sons!  These future offspring are a one-of-a-kind red package that land right at the front of the Red Angus breed.



Birth Date: 6-14-03

Registration #905958

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This cow was selected from the Bieber herd for several reasons and is having a substantial influence on ours. She is a maternal sibling to MAKE MIMI and is sired by BROWN VACATION for added style. She has a lifetime MPPA of 108 and has impressively produced two of our top selling bulls in TRIC EXIT 2628 004Z and TRIC LAST CALL 062A. We have utilized EXIT as our feature herdsire for the 2015 calf crop.


We have flushed this cow to Conquest to add a moderate frame, birth wieght and high growth pedigree from maternal power of Ellie Mae from the HXC Red Angus program.

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